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Wig Gripper Elastic Headband

Wig Gripper Elastic Headband

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Wig Gripper Elastic Headband  Non-Slip

Material: Silicone

Size:22*4cm Adjustanle

Color:transparent,brown,light brown,black

Top Quality, No Gel, No Glue, Very Softest, Very Stretchable, Sweatproof and Water Proof! Easy to Clean!

Directions for Use:

The silicone wig grip has two sides-inside and outside, the Short Drop-shaped is inside, close to your scalp, the outside is close to wig, Please wear it according to this instructions.

Featured: Our's Silicone Hair Grip can Stop Your Wig Slipping Back and Sliding Around Completely,Simultaneously Protects and Stimulates the Scalp Which can Promote Your Natural Hair Growth, It's non-sticky and doesn't Snag on Your Hair, Reusable for Years.

Specialty: Silicone Band For Wig,high elasticity,adjustable,invisibility,not easy to deform,non slip,specailly designed raisea beads to fix the wigs,high quality silicone band soft and comfortable.

Silicone Wig Grip Sweatproof Seamless Wig Headband Secure Wig without Gel or Glue Available Soft Drop-shaped Hair Band Soft Drop-shaped Elastic Band Lace Wig Grip

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Product Description

Our wig grip headbands offer a convenient and comfortable way to secure your wig without resorting to glues or adhesives.


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