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Nourishing Argan Oil Serum

Nourishing Argan Oil Serum

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ARGAN OIL Hair & Body Serum

Nourishing Hair oil. Your New go-to for shine and gloss.

Created to reduce frizz and achieve  beautiful,  shiny Hair.The composition of argan , a most stable unique oil endows with many benefit which are scientifically proved today.

Argan oil presents an exceptional percentage of essential fatty acids one of which is linoleic acid ( omega 6 )

This argan oil based formula is infused with Vitamin E,Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids.It helps repair the hair and deeply conditions to restore softness and shine, giving the hair long lasting protection from drying out, leaving it extraordinarily healthy and easier to manage.

  • 100% Naturally derived hair oil
  • 100% Plan based with certified  organic ingredients
  • No  parabens
  • No sulphates or synthetic fragrances

Apply proper amount throughout damp or hair do not rinse. Style as usual, can also be use on body


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Product Description

Argan Oil Hair Extensions

It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds that can boost your immune system, lower your cholesterol, fight cancer, improve your skin, and heal your wounds. Argan oil is a versatile and valuable oil for your well-being.


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