about us

Elite Hair Australia Salon is  the leader  in the worldwide market of highest quality weft hair extensions. This reputation is largely built upon the depth of extensive product, and sourcing of the highest quality hair on the market.


our goal is to provide the best human hair extensions to general public, professionals, salons and teach our  multiples extensions methods to help salons generates more income.  

Our Methods


Elite Hair & Beauty Studio was created with the aim of bringing together all aspects of hair extensions under one roof.


The keratin Knots extensions are fitted without the use of heat or glue which means there is no damage to your natural hair. this is a new innovative technique using a special thread  to attach the extensions to client natural hair, they feel completely natural and are easily styled. The keratin knots  hair comes in most popular colours and will be blended to ensure they are a perfect match to the clients hair during application

Get the hair you always dream of

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