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Curly Clip-In Hair Extension

Curly Clip-In Hair Extension

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Texture 3a , 3b curl texture Curly Clip-In Hair Extension has more of a "S"-shaped curl pattern, the curls are looser than 3b-3c kinky curly texture, can blend best with those who has 3a and 3b textures.

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Product Description

Curly Clip in Hair Extension

Elite Hair Australia Afro Kinky Coily clip-in is made of 100% human Virgin hair. This texture is tightly coiled, can blend best with those who has 3c and 4c hair textures

Made from 100% human hair, can be bleach and colour.

Hair Texture: Curly hair

Hair Type :100% Human Virgin Hair

Total Gram: 113 grams

Total Pieces 6

1x 10" weft

1 x 9" wefts

1x 7" wefts

1x 4" wefts

2 x 3" wefts)

Do you something lighter you can get our Curly Weft ponytail Extensions

Care Instructions

Keep your Elite Hair Australia' clip-in curly human hair looking gorgeous and healthy for months to come with these simple steps!

  • Hydrate and moisturize with sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner made specifically for curls, then let it air dry - no blow-drying needed!
  • Use an Elite Hair Australia' detangling brush hair before and after each use to prevent any damage from knots or tangles
  • Prevent tangling or matting by properly storing flat or hanging up when not in use.
  • If you must use heat tools, opt for low heat, and always protect with heat protectant spray.
  • Avoid using hair products like hairspray or styling gel as this can cause build-up and damage - wash and condition every 2 to 3 weeks or as needed with ELITE HAIR AUSTRALIA ' hair care products made especially for curly hair.
  • Finally, regularly check the clips so that they are secure and properly attached.


You can bleach/dye them to match your hair color. Just like natural hair, bleaching or coloring will potentially alter the curl pattern, we recommend you choose a tighter curls if you need to color the hair.

Please be sure to deep condition extensions and use nourishing hair products whenever possible. We recommend that coloring be done by a professional/licensed colorist familiar with natural textures. We are not responsible for any damage of hair quality or texture as a result of color processing.

Lightly spritz the hair with conditioner and water mix. Detangle with fingers if necessary.

With curly hair its best to do co washes! (Washing the hair with only conditioner) Using a generous amount of conditioner, distribute conditioner through hair in a downward motion using fingers. then using a denman brush, brush conditioner through hair. This will also help to define the curls.


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Please add 2-3 business days to all shipping time-frames for regional areas. 

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