Nano rings hair extensions
Elite Hair & Beauty Boutique specialise in Nano Ring hair extensions which is the latest beading technique. Nano Rings beads are 90% smaller than traditional Microbeads. The Nano extensions are fitted without the use of heat or glue. The Nano Ring hair extensions are secured in the hair using a TINY undetectable 2mm beads. The Nano ring hair comes in most popular hair colours and ensure they are a perfect match to the clients hair during application.
This application is perfect for women wanting to avoid adhesives and heat during application. Nano Rings are very easy to apply to your natural hair. Extension hair is gently placed within the ring which is then looped through your natural hair and pressed shut. To remove the rings they are pressed open which releases your natural and the extension hair from it’s fixed position. At this point the ring can be moved up into it’s original position allowing you to reuse you extension hair many times.

Full Head- 150/200 Strands

For Length & Thickness Super Glamorous Look

3/4 Head- 100/150 Strands For Slight Length & Thickness

1/2 Head 50/100 Strands Focusing on Thickness rather than Length

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Nano Rings Hair Extensions
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