Brazilian knots hair extensions, also known as the Brazilian hair extensions, the Italian knot technique, and elastic fusion, are a strand-by strand hair extensions technique.

This Brazilian hair extensions technique is fast becoming known as the best hair extensions method around the world.
This hair extensions method derives from Brazil Extensions are applied strand by strand with a special thread technique. A small portion on loose bulk hair extensions is attached to small section of your hair and together the versatility of a fusion technique without using potentially harmful substances on your hair such as keratin glue.
There are no chemical bonding agents and therefore will be far less damaging to your natural hair. As it only uses thread, it is the most natural way of applying hair extensions that gives you great result .This method is long lasting as well, many people having said their extensions lasted close to 5 months. People that may want to give this a try should be weary if they have a tender scalp.
The Brazilian Knot Method take 4-8 hours to apply, depending on how many grams of hair are used. If you believe you can take it, this method may be for you. Overall, when the elastic thread is used to bond your hair, it puts less stress on your natural hair, which will allow it to remain healthy.
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The Knots hair extensions technique is also ideal for people trying to grow their own natural hair. It’s safe and suitable for all types of hair, from fine thick or coarse, Caucasian or Afro hair. No maintenance is required , knots hair extensions method is easy to take out without the need of harsh chemicals. These extensions feel so light you barely feel them once they are applied, and you can wash and condition from root to bottom just as you would your own hair.

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